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Successful Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong 2023

After a long break, Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong 26th edition took place in November 2023.

Cosmoprof Asia is the leading b2b international beauty trade show in whole Asia. The place where global beauty trendsetters gather together, to present their newest technologies, innovations and solutions - and also to find new ones.

The show with over 2400 exhibitors, over 60,000 attendees and 17 different country and group pavilions proved its great influence once again, for the first time after 4 years.

It is wrong to say that the break was a good thing, but the atmosphere which floated in the air - really had something magical and spectacular. Finally after 4 years, people in this field gathered together, to enjoy, to inspire, to share their passion.

We, EVENSWISS, had a successful week in Hong Kong in many ways. Constantly growing interest and demand in the Asian market is a true thing and one of the biggest key points for us. Needless to say, thanks to our unique products with Dermatopoietin, again gathered a huge amount of interest. Of course, it’s not a wonder there - Hong Kong and China are one of the pioneers in the world if you think about any field of technology. That was one of the biggest reasons why we were extremely proud to share the unique technology and patent behind our brand.

Once again – Cosmoprof redeemed the quantity and quality of the visitors. We were happy to see that our continuous work in the Asian market has been noted and we are in the great level of recognizability all over the world - but especially in Asia.

We want to thank all our partners, new and old ones, all the visitors and collaborators who visited us and were part of this great journey. Thank you! 謝謝你!

Are you interested to see interviews and for example have a closer look at how the stands are really built? Stay tuned to our social media and you will find out soon some behind the scenes- material!

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