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As company Evenswiss GmbH, as part of the group and, owner of the legal and intellectual property of Evenswiss with Dermatopoietin brand, notice that in the Vietnamese market not authorised products, are used and marked differently from our official and legal image.

For those products, the company Evenswiss GmbH, recommends not to use them because we don't know the provenance and sourcing and we cannot grant the content of the product. Evenswiss GmbH in this case is not responsible for any inconvenience or damages coming from the usage of these unauthorised and possibly fake products and side effects.

We recommend using products coming only from and through our official sources, marked with our batch number and expiring date.

Everything different from our market please consider as fake and dangerous for your health.

Horgen, 20th of June 2022

Rember to buy Evenswiss products from legal partners only, different marked products in the Vietnamese market may cause severely diseased to your health and skin.

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