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Professional Treatments

Professional care

DERMATOPOIETIN® is our innovative solution for cosmetic care products. The effective action of the treatment with the use of our products - Anti-aging signaling Cosmetics EVENSWISS® is demonstrated by many studies. Professional salons can take advantage in their daily treatments to use EVENSWISS® products in all type of treatments and routines.

Special conditions for the Professionals

We offer special conditions for our products to the owners of Beauty salons and cosmetologists and a very attractive price policy. You can implement your rejuvenation treatments in cooperation with our innovative EVENSWISS® cosmetic products.

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Visit "Our laboratory" page to know more about clinical studies and how the patented ingredient work into the skin without tissue penetration.

The compilation of cosmetic treatments

Most EVENSWISS® products can be easily used at home, however the rejuvenation results will be achieved faster by professional cosmetic treatments. In cooperation with our partners, we developed a line of cosmetic treatments with EVENSWISS® products that activate the own rejuvenation mechanisms of the skin without applications of invasive methods. The mechanism is directly connected to the skin-cells renewal process and to increase this process up to 90% of efficiency.

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