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Why are EVENSWISS® products different? What makes them so special?

All EVENSWISS® products contain the unique and exclusive active ingredient Dermatopoietin®. Dermatopoietin® stimulates the skin to revive its structure and function by triggering the release of several endogenous factors which activate the skin’s inherent renewal programme and stimulate the synthesis collagen and elastin. You can find out more about Dermatopoietin® and its mechanism of action here.

What is Dermatopoietin® and how does it work?

Dermatopoietin® is the unique and exclusive active ingredient only available in EVENSWISS® skin care products. It is the full equivalent of human interleukin-1 alpha, the epidermal cytokine that controls the homeostasis of skin. It affects deep skin structures without penetrating skin by triggering a cascade of reactions which propagates from the surface of skin to its depth. When applied onto skin Dermatopoietin® helps activate the skin's natural renewal process by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin as well as other factors needed for healthy skin.

More information can be found here.

Which skin types do benefit from EVENSWISS® skin care products?

The regenerative mechanisms of skin are the same in all skin types. EVENSWISS® products can thus be used by everybody. Should you have extremely dry skin you can use a moisturizing cream after an EVENSWISS® Serum or Cream.

Are EVENSWISS® products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. The developers of the EVENSWISS® products avoided to the best of their knowledge ingredients known to be irritating or allergenic.

Do EVENSWISS® products contain UV filters to protect from photo aging?

EVENSWISS® products are optimized for anti-aging efficacy and should be applied twice daily in the morning and the evening. In our opinion UV filters should only be applied when skin is exposed to the sun, i.e. not at night and not in-doors, especially in bad weather. Therefore, use a sun cream in addition to EVENSWISS® whenever exposing your skin to the sun.

Does the fragrance in the EVENSWISS® products contain allergens?

A: You can find the Health and Safety Certificate here and the IFRA Conformity certificate for the fragrance in our products here. The 2 certificates will show that the concentration of the fragrance in our products is in compliance with the Standards of the INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION IFRA.

What causes lines and wrinkles?

Skin aging and thus the appearance of lines and wrinkles are partly genetic (chronological aging) and partly triggered by UV light ('photo aging'). Both mechanisms result in a loss of functional collagen and elastin in the dermis. This deficit seems to be correlated with a reduced capacity of keratinocytes in the epidermis to produce interleukin-1 alpha. EVENSWISS® with Dermatopoietin® compensates for this deficit and helps to replenish skin with collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the “foundation” of skin, which is most important to youthful and smooth appearance.

How can I keep my skin healthy and youthful?

A healthy and balanced lifestyle (healthy food, enough water, physical exercise, abstinence from smoking) is crucial. In addition, regular skin care with adequate quality products is also essential.

Are EVENSWISS® products tested on animals?

No. EVENSWISS® products have been developed and tested in full compliance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation on phasing out animal testing of cosmetics and their ingredients.

Where can I buy EVENSWISS® Products?

If there is no distribution partner in your country (yet), you can purchase EVENSWISS® also in our online shop.

In wintertime, we use serums with oils to keep the skin soft and moist. Is this acceptable for EVENSWISS® serums?


EVENSWISS® products should be used firstly on clean skin, then other products like oil, moisturizing products can be applied.

Rejuvenating décolleté cream

Does this cream work as a moisturizer, too? Or do we need to apply another moisturizer after applying this cream? It doesn’t mention that this cream hydrates skin.

Yes, it can also be a moisturizer. If you have very dry skin combine it with the Skin Repair Serum – Booster No2.

Rejuvenating eye complex

This is a serum and you don’t have eye cream. Can we use other eye cream after applying Rejuvenating eye complex?

You can combine it with any other product if you like. But always use the EVENSWISS® product first and THEN the other product. Reason: The active ingredients of EVENSWISS® must make contact with the first layer of living cells of your skin to initiate the skin renewal signaling cascade. This is best achieved if EVENSWISS® is applied on untreated skin.

Eventone serum

Can people use EVENTONE serum together with Rejuvenating serum? Also, is it possible to use 3 serums together or is NOT advisable to use too many products at the same time?

The Eventone Serum targets dark spots (age or sun related), brightens skin tone and improves radiance. The Rejuvenating serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tightens the skin. We recommend that you focus fully on your skin type and problem with just one product. From the dermatologist's point of view, too many care steps are oversized, do not justify the individual skin problems and can also lead to a weakening of the skin barrier. If, in addition to the daily skin care routine, another individual skin problem needs to be combated, our products can be mixed with specific concentrated serums.


We can advise you with an optimal recommendation for your specific skin needs. 

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Regenerating Plasma

Can this product also be used at home as a normal serum?

Yes The Regenerating Plasma is one of the richest formulations with a whole cocktail of active ingredients boosting skin recovery. It is an all-rounder and was developed for use after a stressful treatment of skin (acid peeling, laser abrasion, micro-needling, etc.)

Which EVENSWISS® product is most suitable against acne?

Start with EVENSWISS® Regenerating Plasma which has a lower concentration of Retinol. When the skin gets used to the Retinol and the acne is still persisting, you can proceed with the Retinol Serum – Booster No6.

Mixing EVENSWISS® products with other cosmetic brands

If we use other cosmetic products from other brands, does it help or hinder the efficacy of EVENSWISS® products?

After application of any EVENSWISS® product on clean skin other brands can be used. It does not hinder the efficacy of EVENSWISS® if you use the EVENSWISS® product first, massage it well into the skin and then apply the other product on top of it.

Some Serums are oily composition, which builds a film on the skin after application. Does this film prevent the action of Dermatopoietin®?

The composition of oily Serums and Plasma will result in an oil and water mixture. Our skin’s acid mantle contains sebum, ceramides, triglycerides, essential fatty acids and water which gives a hydrolipidic film that covers the surface of the skin. Nevertheless this film let the active ingredients penetrate.

Similar to our skin’s acid mantle, the composition of oily Serums and Plasma will also create a hydrolipidic barrier over the skin which speeds up the skin’s own healing process and repair but at the same time will let the active ingredients penetrate. Moreover the natural oils in both formulations act as a carrier for other active ingredients to penetrate into lower levels of the epidermis.

The ingredient Caprylic in the Plasma formulation helps enhance the delivery of vitamins, pigments and other active ingredients contained in a solution so that they become evenly spread out and fully absorbed by the epidermis.



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