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EVENSWISS® Light Treatment

Concept: to provide a 10 minute non-invasive effective solution to regenerate skin in clinics, hair/beauty salons, nail bars. This will allow yet another method of marketing EVENSWISS products worldwide.

Using EVENSWISS products alongside with a “light treatment “(for example, Zepter device - Bioptron)

Light stimulates skin regeneration and production of Interleukin -1a, also it ‘pushes’ down ingredients in the applied products.

Hypothesis: In combination with EVENSWISS REGENERATING PLASMA light speeds up effect of its DERMATOPOIETIN Peptide Complex in the skin.

Trial: in the recent trial of Zepter light device we have experimented with application of PLASMA just on the right eye area. The left eye area was left without a product application.

Light was used for 7 minutes over the face, whilst a model was in a sitting position. She did not experience any discomfort, just a pleasant warmth, "like a sun light".

Results after one Swiss Light Treatment© procedure


Effects: After the exposure to the light treatment, there was a very noticeable difference in the two sides of the face.

The left side did not look any different from the before the treatment.

The right side around eyes looked noticeably supple and reduced the appearance of crow’s feet.
The texture of the skin felt much softer and "padded".

Photographs were taken before and after with a mobile phone.

The effect stayed for over 24 hours.

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