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Booster Set Box

Contains the entire EVENSWISS® Booster Line

705.00 CHF
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Master Booster

Reduces the signs of AGEING

Pre-ordered products will be shipped earliest in February 2018

91.00 CHF 72.80 CHF


To protect HAIR VOLUME

64.00 CHF
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Base formula Scalp

Base to be used with specific Boosters for the scalp

40.00 CHF
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Hair protection system serum

Double concentration of Dermatopoietin® Peptide Complex

Double effect on reducing hair shedding

90.00 CHF
in den Warenkorb

Hair protection system shampoo

unterstützt die Reduktion von Haarausfall, repariert schwaches und kraftloses Haar.

60.00 CHF
in den Warenkorb