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Preview magazine June/2017
Skin Secrets
Издательский дом "Косметика и медицина"

Журнал "Трихология"

Издательский дом Cosmopress

Журнал "Les Nouvelles Estetiques"

Beauty Woman 12/2014
Prime Journal

Youthful skin through dermal collagen induction.Interview with our Head of R&D, Dr. Peter Schoch in

Presentation abstract at 12th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress - 03/2014

“A pilot study on the effect of interleukin-1 alpha on collagen deposition in aging skin”.

Publication in "PERSONAL CARE" 06/2010

Synergistic Peptide Action Revitalises Skin and Hair.

Publication in "SOFW Journal" 09/2009

Interleukin-1 Alpha, an Epidermal Cytokine Critical for Skin Renewal


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