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Face Deep Cleansing (usually 1x month) 

  • Non-invasive Procedure!
  • Applicable to all age spectrum
  • After a thorough skin analysis the procedure is customized to specific client needs

General Procedure:

  1. Micro-derma abrasion - deep cleansing of the skin, Skin freshly washed
  2. Ultrasonic peeling – deep cleansing of pores
  3. Massage with “revitalizing ampoule” - Firming and nutrition of skin

Bespoken massage to patient specific needs

  • Aloe Vera mask 20 min – skin relaxation
  • EVENSWISS Plasma – skin regeneration

Client takes home EVENSWISS Eye Complex / EVENSWISS Rejuvenating Serum for follow up treatment

If you would like to receive further information, please contact us on info@evenswiss.ch